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System Administrator / Referrals

View your systems referrals

As a System Administrator of a Refernet system, you can view the referrals that are currently in your system, but only in a capacity that shows referrals as an overview.

What information can I sew with a referral overview
A referral overview is defined as:

  • Referral ID number
  • Open date
  • Accepted date
  • Closed date
  • Author (the agency and user that sent the referral)
  • Recipient (the agency who accepted the referral)
  • Progress

Why can’t I see the data contained within a referral?
As a System Administrator, your role is defined as a user that maintains the system at a user level, not at a referral level. Only agencies that are directly involved with a referral have access to the information contained within a referral. This means that no-one outside of the referral process is privy to any data contained within a referral.

I can see numbers underneath the Open, Closed or Accepted referral lists – what are these for?
The referral lists in your system can get very large, we paginate data so you can easily digest the data in bite-sized chunks. You simply click on the page number you wish to view and we’ll show you the referrals on that page.