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System Administrator


When you login to Refernet as a System Administrator you’ll see a page which shows you a general overview of your Refernet system. You’ll be able to see a lot of data at a quick glance.

Your IP and last login
This is a low-level security measure design to show you the IP address that you are using to connect to the internet and your Refernet system. You can double check that the IP address is correct by asking your IT Manager if this is a legitimate IP address you are calling from within your network. We also show you the last time you logged into your Refernet system – this serves as a way to see if anyone else has been accessing your system without your knowledge.

Search bar
The search bar is a flexible tool that you can use to find Agencies and Referrals. You just need to start typing the first few letters of an Agency name or location and Refernet will return your results.

Statistics – bar graphs
We should you in a visual form how many referrals your agency has: opened, accepted and updated over a rolling 2 week period. You’ll be able to see the correlation of when your busy periods are and the ebb and flow of your general throughput.

Referral lists

On your homepage we list your agencies opened, accepted and closed referrals. As a System Administrator, you don’t have access to data held within referrals, only agency users; primary and standard users can access the data inside of a referral.

Referral updates
An update is counted as a referral that has one of your agencies associated with it and has had any action (eg: note added, accepted etc). This can include sent, received and forwarded referrals.

Open referrals
Refernet classes open referrals as a referral that has not been accepted and is awaiting a response from a receiving agency.

Accepted referrals
Accepted referrals are classed as a referral that has been accepted by one of your agencies.

Closed referrals
A referral that has been closed by one of your agencies.

Whats in my navigation?

System Administrators get access to a variety of pages that no other users can access. We’ll briefly explain what each page does and how to use them here, for more details click the ‘Learn more’ button to visit a full explanation of the functionality on individual pages.


This is the main overview page for your system, you can quickly see the stats for your whole system. 


On this page you can search for your agencies. This is helpful if you need to specific details about an agency.


This page shows your systems referrals in list format.


This page shows your systems Users in a list format.


System Administrators can export a variety of stats and data in CSV format from this page.

System / General

You can edit your own details, your system details and purge referrals (securely permenantly remove).

System / Agencies

You can add, edit and remove agencies, assign exclusions and regions (if this is enabled).


On these pages you can customise your Refernet system to your exact needs and how you want to work.