Adding Agencies

Adding a new Agency can only be done by the System Administrator of the Refernet system. N.B. The contact you enter here is added as the Agency administrator AND the Primary user. Please inform this person that they can change these details in their system, if they want different contact details for those two positions. The Agency administrator contact details also appear on the Public page.

Navigate to System > (Agency) Add

Depending on your enabled settings from Agency Options your fields to fill in may vary. If you have enabled the fields to be searchable then the more detail you fill in here for each Agency in your system the better your search functionality will work in Refernet.

Mandatory fields:

  • Agency name
  • Primary contact first name
  • Primary contact surname
  • Primary contact email
  • Agency postcode

N.B. Once you click "Add Agency" at the bottom, an email will go to the new Primary user with their login details. Be sure to let them know this is coming and explain how they should complete/revise their agency settings in 'System > Agency details' particularly if you have only filled in the Mandatory fields for them (above), They should also add their users.

An Agency logo can be added. You need to ensure that the 'canvas' background of the logo is square. N.B. Be sure not to confuse image size with canvas size. See the diagram to understand how it works.

Step 6: Adding Users