Categories and Outcomes


Each Referral must be assigned a Category.

The Category is a classification on the type of help that the client requires. It will also be used to assign an Outcome to the referral when the case has been resolved and the referral can be closed.

If the client requires a variety of different categories to be dealt with, then a separate referral will need to be created for each category that needs to be assigned. The System admin controls which Categories and Outcomes are in each Refernet system. Agencies can request additional Categories and Outcomes. Just ask the System Administrator.


In order to close a referral that you have accepted, you will need to assign an Outcome to the referral. This is the resolution of the referral.

A note must be added before a referral can be closed, and users select the Category and then the Outcome they want to associate with the category.

An email notification is sent to the names at the bottom of the page which are 'checked', so they are informed about the outcome.

Clicking the green 'Add outcome' box creates the outcome but leaves the referral open.

Now the system will add this referral to the non-attributable data available for reporting purposes. No client data is accessed in the reporting areas.