Referral life cycle

Referrals have a number of states that they can be in.

  • Open - New referrals that are opened to a new Agency or are a self Referral are started in the Open state.
  • Accepted - Open Referrals can be accepted by the receiving Agency.
  • Withdrawn - Open referrals can be withdrawn by the originating Agency.
  • Rejected - Open referrals can be rejected by the receiving Agency.
  • Re-Routed - Referrals that need to be referred onto a secondary Agency can be re-routed by the receiving Agency.
  • Outcome Assigned - Accepted referrals can have an outcome assigned to them by the Agency that Accepted the referral
  • Closed - Only referrals that have an Outcome assigned can be Closed.

Notes can be added to the referral at any point in the referral life cycle.

The client can be updated via Email or SMS at any point in the referral life cycle.