How to Purge a referral

How to delete data

Refernet now makes it easier to take control of your data and to remove referrals that are no longer needed.

To remove a referral:

1. Login to your Refernet system as a System Administrator.

2. Hover over the ‘System’ item in your navigation bar - a drop down menu item will appear with a 'Purge referrals’ mane item.

3. Click ‘Purge referrals’.

4. Enter a referral ID number or client name you wish to purge - click the blue search button.

5. When your results have appeared, select the referrals to purge by ticking the boxes in the results area (you can purge multiple referrals if needed).

6. Click ‘Purge checked referrals’.

7. A confirmation page will appear (make sure that you are purging the correct referral - this process cannot be undone) - click the check box to confirm you want to purge this referral. Once this tick box has been checked, the button below will become active and you can now purge your referral by clicking ‘Conform purge referral’.

8. Your referral is now permanently deleted.