Manage Agency visibility in the network

Exclude function.

The Exclude function is designed to allow administrators to make any agency 'invisible' to any other agency. The best way to explain, is with examples.

Example A: There is a law firm in your network, which only refers to Citizens Advice. It is either not relevant, or for some other reason, that you don't want them to 'see' the other referral partners. You can set your network up, so the law firm can only 'see' the CA.

Example B: There are a number of NHS partners across your City to which you want all the agencies to have referral access, (the default setting which allows everyone to refer to everyone else), but there are also agencies in the borough of Middleton where you need to create a hub, where Middleton agencies only 'see' each other - plus the more distant NHS partners. The borough of Somerton will also have its own hub of agencies in the same way, with all NHS partners across the greater City available to it, but the local 'borough' agencies only visible to each other.

1. Login as administrator and navigate to 'Exclude' under system.

2. Choose the Agency from which you will select the other Agencies to exclude. In this case 'Mind Brighton'.

3. Now select the Agencies which 'Mind Brighton' should not see when they search.

Repeat this exercise from point '2.' above for each agency in your network, to control who can see whom across the network.