If your Refernet system has had the regional feature enabled, you will be able to place your agencies into 'regions'. This is especially helpful if you have a large amount of agencies and want to easily allow agencies to refer to others in their region.

When a user searches your system for an agency it will show the results in both 'Agencies in your region' and also 'Agencies outside your region'. An agency can still refer to any agency listed regardless of whether they are in the same region or outside.

Setting up regions

You can add, edit and remove regions via your System Administrator area and visiting: Preferences > Regions.

Setting up default agencies per region

You can assign one agency in a region to be the default agency. This feature directly impacts the Self-referral form. When a user fills out the Self-Referral form, they can choose to send their referral to a specific region via the drop down menu 'Select your region'. If they choose 'I don't know my region or prefer not to say' the Self-Referral form is sent to the Default System Agency.

Setting up the Default System Agency

You can set the Default System Agency via your System Administrator area and visiting: System > System details and selecting an agency to become the 'Default System Agency'.