Making a Referral

NOTE: System Administrators can NOT create new referrals or view referral details in the system. Only the Primary and Standard Users have this access for data protection of the clients data.

There are 2 ways of making a referral.

Method 1

Logged in as a Primary user or Standard user click the Search in the top navigation as you are going to need to select an Agency in your system that you want to raise a new referral to.

There are advanced search filter options to display only Agencies that are of certain Categories or other Agency facilities offered. Or the user can search by word specific terms on the name of the Agency, keyword or postcode. if nothing is specified clicking the search button will return all Agencies in the system that can receive referrals.

Select the Agency you wish to raise a referral to by clicking the View button. This takes you to the Agency overview page where you have an option to Make a referral.

Method 2

You can also click the navigation bar item marked as Make a referral.

Clicking this item will show a drop down list with the following:

  • Favourite agencies - all your favourite agencies (if you have marked any as favourites). Clicking this item will create a new referral to a favourite agency.
  • Default agency - if a default agency is set by your System Administrator. Clicking this item will create a new referral to your default agency.
  • List all agencies - you can view all agencies that you can send a referral to by clicking this item. You can then simply choose an agency and click 'Make referral'.

The referral form

Depending on the referral form settings specified by the system administrator on the Preferences > Referral form your system may have customised and mandatory fields. Default mandatory fields for a new referral form are:

  • Client title
  • Client first name
  • Client surname
  • Preferred method of contact
  • Notes
  • Category

Note the 2 consent form checkboxes at the bottom of the form

Once all mandatory fields and data has been filled in on the form, click the Create new referral button. If validation is successful then the new referral shall be created and an email notification sent to the Primary Users of the Agency receiving the new referral.

You will be taken to the Open referrals screen where you will be able to see the list of all open referrals with the one you have just created at the top of the list.