Here is a glossary of the terminology used in Refernet:

  • Agency - A business or organisation that provides services to clients in Refernet. Can be a CAB or external organisation.
  • Category - Each referral needs to have a category assigned to it. This is the area of help or assistance that the client requires.
  • Client - Each referral has client details associated to it. The Client is the primary contact for the referral case.
  • Outcome - Each referral in order to be closed needs to be assigned an Outcome. This is the resolution of the case.
  • Referral - Each issue that the client has will be raised as a referral case
  • Primary User - This is the user access level given to the lead of an Agency.
  • Standard User - This is the lowest level of user access.
  • System Administrator - User account used to setup the system and administer, maintain the system. Note they do not have access to view case details