System Preferences

Having previously set your system Agency options

You can add, remove and edit your system Preferences for the following sections:

  • Categories
  • Client Groups
  • Facilities
  • Kinds of Help
  • Local Authorities
  • Organisation types
  • Outcomes


Each referral needs to have a category assigned to it. This is the area of help or assistance that the client requires.

Note the description text will appear on the Public view of the site homepage listing the categories and Agencies that offer assistance with the Category

Client Groups

Client groups are the classification groups used by Agencies to define the Clients.


Facilities available at the agency.

Kinds of Help

Help offered by the Agency.

Local Authorities

Local authorities associated with the agency.

Organisation types

Category that the Agency can be grouped / defined as.


Each referral in order to be closed needs to be assigned an Outcome. This is the resolution of the case. The Outcomes are used to report on, show effectiveness of Agencies and provide evidence for future funding.

Step 5: Adding Agencies